A Little Bit About Zecco Creative Services

Chris Zecco founded Zecco Productions in 2010 with the sole purpose of focusing creativity and professionalism through what is now known as Zecco Creative Services.


Chris Zecco focused his growth as a producer, director and editor in the areas of video production in television, documentary film, and instructional development DVD’s. Most recently, he is freelancing as an editor for several feature films in the New England area.


Recruiting talented and experienced designers, photographers, creative writers, and film makers the company has grown into a complete multi-media production leader. Light, color, shape, and design are all words, but with the service of experienced artists who professionally break the mold with imagination and creativity, our clients find the perfect match for all phases of specific projects, important events, or complete productions.


No stone goes unturned, as it is our policy to surpass expectations when we branch in to new areas. The most recent development of our Professional Services division involves event photography and videography.


Zecco Creative Services has the highest regard for talent and reliability when it comes to performance and competency; this is why we only employ the services of our in-house team of staff photographers and videographers with years of experience. Your event will be professionally filmed and edited with the utmost care available in the industry.


Thank you, Chris Zecco