Exceptionally Responsive..Personal Integrity

“Chris has helped implement changes in my web site, as well as update information about properties. His creativity and attention to detail are very important to me. He has been exceptionally responsive when I have had an important deadline, and his work is outstanding. I highly recommend Chris, not only for his creative work, but also his personal integrity.”


Judy Reynolds

Evergreen Realty

November 8, 2012

He Knew What He Was Doing

“Chris was very helpful with creating a new and updated look for our website. After talking to Chris, it was apparent that he knew what he was doing. He was able to follow all of our instructions and get them updated in a very timely manner. That was very important to us. We were very pleased with his work and will hire him again!”


Ren Netherland

Animal Photography

May 20, 2010

Your Choice for Production Services

“Where would my company be with out the befit of Chris Zecco's eye!?!? Chris is a talent among talent in the production of Film and editing! I have worked unsuccessfully in the past with a few (some big name) companies and yield poor results and a frustrating partnership but then I meet Zecco! Chris is not only talented but an innovator and a master of the editing board! My success is largely in part to the work Chis has done for me with the Anglers Artistry DVD series of instructional DVD's I would highly recommend Zecco Creative Services as your choice for production services!”


Rick Krane

Anglers Artistry

July 25, 2011

The Best I Ever Had

“I have hired a total of 16 students to work from intern to employees at my web site design company. Chris was the best I ever had work for me. If he stayed and I could have cloned him, I'm sure I would be making Chopping Block in NYC cry now from business I'd be taking from them. Chris also brought be my 2nd best employee "Joe Bray". Chris is a hard worker, trustworthy and learns fast. He can also solve a rubix cube in like a minute. There are few professionals I would suggest to anyone (4) and Chris is one of them.”


Theo Black

The Black Arts

May 18, 2011